A huge playing area that accommodates 15 playing tables, AC Rooms, Library related to Chess, e-learning are few of the many key features that the Club has. We have a hall dedicated to much awaited All India Chess Federation’s Tournament which can house more than 400 people at a time.


Are you someone who just can’t get enough of cards and good times? Well then, this is the place where you belong to! The Card Room is where super engaging and crazily charged card ‘wars’ happen, and the world outside the room stops existing while you are at it!

Tastefully done and mindfully designed, this card room has its own distinct vibes. The tables are niche and inviting. The chairs are one of the most comfortable that you would come across. Settle down and get in to the mood.


Are you impressed by Indian icons like Pankaj Advani and Geet Sethi who went on to become international champions and brought India glory? Well, how about becoming an icon yourself?Come to learn Billiard and Pool Table as your sports career. Or, come to live the casual and fun part of it with your friends and family. The set up is all ready for you!

Did you know what looks like just a casual game of cue sticks and bright balls, actually has a number of benefits to offer to the player? Oh, yes. The cue sports come with their own set of perks that not many of us are aware of.


Take over the legacy of Sharath Kamal, a splendid Indian table tennis player who won Commonwealth championship as well as the prestigious Arjuna award! Here is a sport that keeps you agile and qualifies as a timeless family sport too as a bonus point. Come to Rainbow Club Resort and play on. Make the most out of our modern sports infrastructure and energizing ambiance.

And as you begin, do check out the pluses of playing this timeless sport!